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Workplaces benefit from supporting their employees to stop smoking.  
Dr Linda Bauld from the University of Bath and UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies said:

“Research has shown that offering stop smoking support in the workplace is an effective way to help smokers to quit. What works best is a combination of support from a trained advisor, either in groups or one to one, and access to stop smoking medication. This is exactly what NHS Stop Smoking Services can offer, and employers have an important role to play in helping their staff succeed at stopping smoking."

Workplaces who have smokers that want support can contact us on 0800 0854 113 and we can discuss with you the various quit plans available.

34 Million working days lost

due to smoking related sickness in the UK

2.7 more sick days taken

on average by smokers each year

£1.4 billion in lost productivity

each year to UK industry

Benefits of quitting smoking for employees

• Improve the health of you and your family
• Save money
• Feel good breathing becomes easier, food tastes nicer and you can enjoy physical activity

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